about us

A few words aboud us.

The ,,ARTbaby” firm came into being in 1992 as an accomplishment of the idea of creating an enterprise producing the clothes for children and infants.
Children are a speciqal group of clients. It is a groupe very difficult to please. Especially as far as the structure of clothes, its pattern – designing and materials are concerned. That is why from the very beginning of our activity we do our best to cope with these requirements.
We base ourselves on skilled workers, high quality machines and checked and advanced technology of production.
We co – operate with famous producers of fabrics and knits coming from Poland and abroad. The high quality of their materials ensures that our clothes fulfil requirements concerning safe using it by children.
Our goods are produced only in our factory in Poland what is a fundamentaly aspect of mainteance the high quality of our goods. And it constantly allows to control a technological process. We specialize in production of morning – coat clothes for children and infants. Every suit produced by ,,ARTbaby” comes form our own models and ideas. We willingly take remarks and suggestions of our clients into consideration. They are our best censors.
Their remarks are a valuable lesson for us and a good advice relating to the expectations of the market.
All models produced by us are sewed in a wide colouristic and size range. The regular customers coming from Poland and abroad are our clients what confirms that our products are perfectly made. And it is for us the biggest reward.

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